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Submit more than 2,000 prior auths a month? If so, learn more about how Valer can automate your prior authorization and referral management claims today.

All healthcare organizations. All care settings. All service lines. All specialties. 
All payers and plans that each of our clients require.

Valer is Built Around You™.

Why limit yourself when Valer can do it all? Here are a few questions to consider—whatever your care setting may be:

Do you know what your current prior authorization workflows look like across the entire organization?

Most PA workflows are manual, repetitive, and error-prone. Workflows vary from team to team, and even person to person depending on specialties, care settings, payers, and more. Staff attrition and training new employees cost employers time and productivity.

Can you quantify the time, effort and cost involved with prior authorizations to maximize ROI and minimize time to value?
To identify the cost burden of managing prior authorizations, you need to consider not only the operational staff time the process incurs but also the denied dollars that come from submission errors.

Do you currently have a roadmap to transform prior authorizations?

You need to know where you are to get to where you want to be. Valer can help you find areas of high impact first to establish early wins with automation. This sets the stage for increased engagement and user adoption across other teams in your organization.

What does your staff tell you about the process?
Listen closely to key staff members who actually work on processing prior authorizations. Adding ineffective and costly technology (AI or bots) without automating submission, verification, and EHR synchronization won’t move the needle.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Today’s hospitals and health systems require a comprehensive enterprise approach to streamline, standardize, and manage prior authorization and referral workflows  across the entire organization the same way, regardless of where you are.

Valer offers real-time visibility into processes to reduce errors, duplicative work, and denials associated with manual authorization workflows.

Physician Practices

Busy physician practices with high patient volumes don’t have the time for manual, repetitive and potentially error-prone processes. Why not speed and simplify your prior authorization and referral management by automating submission, verification, and synchronization with your EHR with one platform and portal instead of the dozens of web and fax portals you’re using today?

You’re busy with a lot of things in your practice. Prior authorizations and referrals don’t need to be among them.

Imaging Centers

High-volume imaging centers can’t succeed without fast, efficient prior authorization management. And fast, efficient prior authorization can’t happen without automation. Efficient prior authorization workflows ensure imaging centers can stay focused on providing the best patient care. Reducing administrative load means your team is freed up to do what they do best – delivering diagnostic excellence.

Infusion Centers

Specialty medications shouldn’t require specialty workflow. Prior authorization workflow can be as fast and simple for infusion centers as any other service line with the right technology. Automating submission, verification, and EHR synchronization shouldn’t be special. It should be expected. The future is bright for centers looking to automate prior authorization management with Valer.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Providers

Valer addresses the diverse needs of DME/HME providers, including two of the country’s largest players, a growing list of regional providers, and all of their payers. DME organizations can benefit from our client experience. By speeding and simplifying prior authorization management, our DME clients reduce costs from staff productivity and increase revenue from fewer denials.


The future of value-based healthcare depends on payers and providers collaborating and coordinating on better ways to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Eliminating unnecessary administrative friction, capturing real-time data, and providing a platform to transform today’s manual referrals and authorization workflows provides a win-win-win for payers, providers and, most importantly, patients.


Whether you provide EHR, revenue cycle management technology, or patient access solutions, your clients have likely asked whether you offer a solution to automate prior authorization and referral management. The right partner solution can work seamlessly with your technology, enable you to add more value to your clients, and provide you with high-margin revenue in the process.

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