Prior Authorization Pain Relief Across the Healthcare Continuum

Patient access and revenue cycle management challenges are well-documented in hospitals and health systems. Technology should simplify, not add complexity, especially when automating prior authorization and referral management.

Your prior authorization technology should offer pain relief built around your needs.

The most advanced prior auth and referral management technology is a single platform and workflow consolidating all your payer portals into one place, meeting all your hospital’s or health system’s needs.

Valer means you can work with any type of authorization in the same way, in the same place:

Notice of Admissions



Specialty Medications


Valer is All You Need

Valer is the ONLY all-payer, all-care setting, all-service line, all-specialty prior authorization and referral solution designed to automate your manual, repetitive, error-prone workflow.

Every team in your hospital or health system can use Valer to:


Submit Prior Authorizations and Referrals


Evaluate Payer Performance


Analyze Staff Productivity


Check and Verify Status


Stay In Sync with EHR

Because Valer works across the entire healthcare continuum, productivity and payer reporting across facilities is a breeze.

California is Valer’s Proving Ground 

Based in southern California, Valer made its name speeding and simplifying prior authorizations and referrals for many of the largest hospitals and health systems across the state, where payer portal management is some of the most fragmented and complex in the nation.

Valer handles payers’ fax portals as seamlessly as it does web portals from the same platform, portal, and workflow.

Speed and Simplify

Your hospital or health system is complicated enough. Your prior authorization and referral management don’t need to be. Speed and simplify your prior authorization and referral workflow with Valer, Built Around You™.