Don’t Let Prior Authorizations and Referrals Slow You Down

One of the greatest challenges in mid-to-large physician practices is ensuring that prior authorizations and referral authorizations keep pace with patient scheduling. With so many patients to see, you cannot afford delayed or denied authorizations due to manual, repetitive, error-prone workflows.

94% of physicians report care delays associated with prior authorizations*

Avoidable errors and delays in prior authorization and referrals

Can mean:


Patient Rescheduling


Cancelled Appointments


Delayed Procedures

Resulting in:


Unhappy Patients


Delayed Care


Lost Revenue

Speed and Simplify Prior Authorization and Referral Management

Whether in a specialty or multi-specialty practice, your prior auth and referral automation technology should speed and simplify your workflow on a single platform and using a single portal. It should enable you to consolidate dozens of payer web and fax portals down to one while connecting to every payer plan.

Physician Practices Valer

Valer Is Built Around You

Valer is the ONLY all-payer, all-specialty prior authorization and referral solution designed to automate your manual, repetitive, error-prone workflow. Regardless of location, every team in your practice can use a single platform, portal, and workflow to submit, check and verify statuses, analyze staff productivity and payer performance, and stay in sync seamlessly with your EHR regardless of what prior authorizations and referrals they manage. Because Valer works across your entire healthcare continuum and conforms to your specific payers and plans, productivity and payer reporting across facilities is a breeze.

*2022 AMA prior authorization (PA) physician survey