One Platform, Built Around You™.

Valer’s technology speeds and simplifies prior authorization and referral management by automating submissions, status checking, verification, reporting, and EHR synchronization across all mid-to-large sized healthcare settings, specialties, and payers from one platform and portal.

All built just for you.

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Valer is the all-specialty, all-payer technology solution designed around your needs, not ours. Unlike off-the-shelf products that limit specialties, service lines, and payer mix (that don’t even automate submissions), Valer is explicitly customized to fit your needs.

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We Simplify

Because Valer is so easy to use, the dashboard increases staff productivity, simplifies staff training, and measures staff and payer performance across all service lines to enable continuous improvement.

We Connect

Valer doesn’t just connect to some of your payers for some of what you need. We link to all payers for all specialties, service lines, and care settings with real-time payer rule updates. Gone are the dozens of portals and bots that don’t add value after payer updates. Working with Valer means one consolidated dashboard; we even manage the payer and fax portal updates for you.

Valer integrates with all EHR systems

We Integrate

No need to switch EHRs. Valer can integrate with your EHR or homegrown system in a way that you choose. We work around your technology, not ours.

We Automate

No more manual form filling, status checking, verifications, reporting, and EHR synchronization across dozens of web and fax portals. Valer standardizes and automates your workflow across care settings, service lines, specialties, and payers.


Valer. The one place to automate your manual prior authorization workflows.

By The Numbers

Valer leads to 45% less staff time for submissions

45% less staff time for submissions

Valer leads to 11% more staff productivity

11% more staff productivity

Valer leads to more authorized days out

13 days extended from 5 days in authorized days out

Valer leads to an 80% reduction in manual authorization processing time

80% reduction in manual authorization processing time

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