DME Prior Authorizations Are Different

Prior authorization needs for durable medical equipment, HME, and home care providers are unique.

The wide range of products and services offered means diverse challenges for managing prior auths regardless of the payer. 


Post-acute Care


Sleep Disorders


Incontinence Supplies


Compression Garments




Walking Aids




Diabetes Care

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Turn Your Customer Service Reps Into Superheroes

Within a DME care setting, your staff managing prior authorizations often wear more hats than their counterparts in physician practices and health systems. On some days, they need superhero capes.

On any given day, your staff quotes prices, takes orders for equipment, schedules deliveries and pickups, sends invoices, and more. Finding the right prior authorization forms and navigating constantly changing rules for approvals shouldn’t be part of the job.

Speeding and simplifying prior authorizations allow them more time to provide care to those who need it most – your patients. In a busy, complicated, rushed world, we all remember great service when we receive it. So will your customers.

Proven Experience in DME/HME

Valer, the only all-payer solution that automates manual, repetitive, error-prone workflow, is already addressing these needs with two of the country’s largest national DME retailers, a growing list of regional providers, and all their payers.

Valer lets our durable medical equipment clients consolidate dozens of faxes and web payer portals into just one singular workflow, regardless of the specialty.

DME organizations can benefit from our client experience.

Simple Portal Means Simple Staff Training

The one thing more challenging than managing staff within a DME setting is training them. With so many different responsibilities, products to learn, and processes to manage, a simple-to-use and learn technology is a welcome relief. Valer is one portal, one workflow. With Valer, prior authorization management will be your new employees’ easiest task.