About Us

Valer® provides a premium solution for speeding and simplifying prior authorization and referral management for hospitals, health systems, mid-to-large sized physician practices, and other healthcare settings.

With software customized for each client’s workflow and EHR, Valer enables users to automatically submit, verify, and manage prior authorizations and referrals for all payer plans from a single platform. With Valer in your toolbox, your organization will see improved staff productivity, financial performance, and patient satisfaction.

Our History

Valer was conceived by a workflow-obsessed surgeon, brought to life by a longstanding expert in software engineering, and orchestrated by someone obsessed with helping clients and patients.


Our vision is to eliminate the burdens of manual processes that currently inundate today’s healthcare system. We are dedicated to dramatically improving organizational workflows and creating a future where healthcare delivery is seamless, simpler, and patient-centric.


We enable healthcare organizations to speed and simplify prior authorization and referral submissions to help patients receive the care they need and deserve.

Our Values


We count on one another the same way our clients count on us


We serve one another with as much care as we serve our clients


It is how our clients stay ahead


A team is more powerful than an individual


We work harder to make things easier


Prior Authorization & Referral Management

Valer provides customized solutions that support utilization management for hospitals, health systems, durable medical equipment providers, and all other healthcare providers to solve today’s massive prior auth and referral management processes.

With a single platform and payer portal, Valer consolidates payer management, allowing our clients to comprehensively submit, verify, and manage prior authorization and referrals with continuous real-time payer updates, 2-way data integrations with all EHR systems, and workflow visibility and reporting.

Client Snapshot

Our Leadership

Dr. Steve Kim
Dr. Steve Kim

Co-Founder & CEO

Marty Staszak
Marty Staszak

Co-Founder & CTO

Cathy Kim
Cathy Kim

Chief Operating Officer

Phil Dolan
Phil Dolan

Chief Growth Officer


Work With Us

At Valer, we are committed not only to improving but transforming healthcare by eliminating the burdens of manual processes that currently inundate today’s healthcare system. We are looking for talented team members who enjoy directly interfacing with customers and channeling their creative energies to solve real world problems.