Helping Work With Your Network

Just as healthcare provider organizations are trying to reduce costs, so are payers. You would prefer that providers use your web portal versus calling or faxing. The problem is that it is time-consuming and expensive for provider organizations to manually enter patient and benefits information into forms, plus add clinical documentation and notes without being integrated with each provider’s EHR.

This is where Valer can help. Valer is the “middleman” that sits between providers’ EHR systems and your payer portal.

By integrating all your fax and web forms with Valer, you can rely on Valer to provide “the last mile” integration with each provider organization’s EHR. Your payer integration combined with Valer’s integration enables seamless, automated workflow, reducing costs for you and the patients and providers you serve.

Connecting With Your Providers

Frustration with payers is one of the biggest hurdles for many healthcare organizations and can result in a stressed level of physician engagement.

By providing real-time visibility into utilization requests and removing unnecessary administrative burdens, your providers will see improved engagement. Ultimately, a higher rate of physician engagement correlates with enhanced patient care, lower costs, greater efficiency, and improved patient safety – as well as higher physician satisfaction and retention.

Valer eliminates the friction from manual prior authorization workflows that are often the root cause of these strained relationships.

Medical Management

While your payer organization may offer an online/web portal to manage prior auths, these can still require manual follow-up through faxes and phone calls to close the gaps in obtaining approvals, resulting in frustration for all parties.

Valer eliminates these costly manual workflows while helping providers better understand coverage determinations and help you better communicate with provider offices.

Managing Your Network

With a tight, automated integration for provider office referrals and authorization referrals, your organization can reduce out-of-network referral leakage and promote referrals to higher-value providers.

The result? Better health outcomes and a reduction in the total cost of care through proper steerage using the Valer platform.

Interested in reducing administrative costs and simplifying prior authorization and referral workflows for the providers with whom you work?