A Seamless Solution for Your Team

Finding the right partners to provide prior authorization automation is no longer challenging. Automating prior authorization and referral management is different than what you do. Enable Valer to do the complex work of consolidating and maintaining payer fax and web portals, integrating with your technology, and providing sales and service support to your clients.  Now, you can focus on what you do best and be rewarded for being a Valer partner.


Valer offers opportunities for BPO companies to earn referral fees and share in revenue if you and your clients work with Valer together.

Revenue Cycle Management/BPO Services

Your value proposition is to enable your clients to manage their revenue cycle management less expensively using your services than they could with their own staff. That requires a lower cost structure. The problem is that labor still costs more than automation whether it’s on-shore or off-shore. What if you could deliver more value to your clients with fewer people and less cost?

You can by speeding and simplifying what is currently repetitive, error-prone, complex manual workflow with automation technology. Using Valer, your staff will work from one portal, not a dozen or more different ones. Valer will automatically submit, check and verify statuses throughout each day, enable you to leverage real-time reporting for continuous productivity improvement, and synchronize information bi-directionally with each of your client’s EHR systems, saving time and reducing errors.

Interested in reducing your labor costs, improving staff productivity, or earning revenue by working with Valer alongside a client?


You’re working with a hospital or health system client, and you’re asked what solutions you have for automating prior auth and referral management. You’ve tried AI- or bot-driven automation, but all that does at best is determine whether a prior authorization is required for a given procedure, medication, or image. It doesn’t automate the costly, manual prior authorization and referral workflow your clients want to reduce.

Now, you have a solution that speeds and simplifies prior authorization and referral workflow by automating submission, status checking and verification, reporting, and bi-directional synchronization with your client’s EHR. Automating prior authorization and referral workflow reduces costs from staff productivity, increases revenue from fewer denied claims, and improves patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes from fewer rescheduled and canceled appointments, procedures, images, and medications.

Interested in learning about how Valer can help you provide more value to your clients as a revenue cycle management and patient access partner?