Using Technology to Solve the Most Expensive Problem in Healthcare: Change Management

Using Technology to Solve the Most Expensive Problem in Healthcare: Change Management

Having sat in enough sales meetings and heard over and oever that IT support and IT resource availability was making it impossible for administrative staff to get access to technology platforms like Valer to solve labor cost and labor shortage issues, while my initial reaction was around something that involved pitchforks, I eventually settled in around an idea that involved life rafts.

The life raft we created is a true technology partnership, a new hybrid business model including cutting-edge intelligent technology with automation workforce, and the rapid change management processes to go with it.

Born out of a deep understanding of the manual Prior Authorization problem – Valer is actually a service, truly, Software-as-a-Service, or perhaps, Software-on-Demand-as-a-Service.

Valer solves the hardest problem in healthcare: delivering a positive ROI to providers around the manual labor associated with prior authorizations. We do it with brute force, by automating every single transaction in a single platform, in whatever form the transaction takes.

Extreme execution velocity is what provides buoyancy to the life rafts because execution velocity dramatically reduces change management costs. Valer deployments are fast, and support costs are so low that Voluware can offer continuous change management, on-demand, in near real-time, over the lifetime of a Valer deployment.

Valer as a true technology partnership, offers a new hybrid business model that includes both cutting-edge automation technology and the technology workforce and rapid change management processes to go with it.

At Voluware, we combine ephemeral programming™ and hyper iteration™ to create Valer platforms that solve the most expensive problem in healthcare: change management.

“The Valer deployment was the most successful IT project
we’ve ever done.”

“The Voluware team is the best vendor we’ve ever worked with.”

“I wish all vendors were like Voluware.”

To learn more about how Valer could improve staff retention as well as clinician satisfaction, get in touch with the Valer team

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