Valer® Prior Authorizations now in Epic App Orchard

Valer® Prior Authorizations now in Epic App Orchard

Valer is now available in the Epic App Orchard to support today’s manual prior authorization workflows.  Epic clients will now be able to bi-directionally integrate with Valer in order to further streamline today’s fax and web portal-based prior authorization submission workflows. “With outstanding support from the Epic App Orchard team, Valer now has a clean, efficient, and cost-effective way to meet our clients’ needs around prior authorization workflows,” remarked Marty Staszak, CEO of Voluware and visionary architect behind Valer.

Valer provides one place to comprehensively manage, streamline, and automate today’s manual fax and web portal-based prior authorization workflows. Valer offers clients a customized, integrated enterprise approach to taking back control of otherwise manual workflows with the goal of reducing cost, denials, and avoidable write-offs. Key differentiators of the Valer approach to authorizations are:

  • Comprehensive prior authorization submission coverage (professional, facility, technical/ancillary, medications, DME, Worker’s Comp)
  • Real-time authorization visibility and coordination across the enterprise
  • Dynamic payer rules at submission to reduce denials
  • Run-time adaptability to keep up with the pace of payer change
  • Workflow-centric collaboration features

As a provider dealing directly with prior authorizations, Voluware co-founder Dr. Steve Kim knew that “Valer, from day one, had to be singularly focused on solving the day-to-day workflow challenges with prior authorizations. Whether it’s fax, web portals, or phone calls, we had to do it all.  That’s exactly what Valer was built to do.”

About Voluware

Voluware provides innovative solutions aimed at reducing the cost of administrative transactions between healthcare providers and payers through the creation of mutually beneficial value networks. Valer is a powerful cloud-based workflow automation platform addressing today’s manual prior authorizations and referral workflows.

To learn more about Valer contact us at Valer

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