Meeting Patient Access Goals with Better Prior Auth Management

Learn key lessons from OHSU around simplifying, speeding, and reducing the cost of prior authorization management.

We can all agree that the cost and complexity of today’s prior authorization processes impact providers, staff, and, most importantly, patients.  

Where opinions diverge is how to address the challenges. The answers to the problems may depend on who you ask, and there is not just one answer.  

Join us for a conversation that will take into account multiple viewpoints from provider to revenue cycle manager as they discuss the best approaches for this critical issue. 

Dr. Steve Kim

Co-Founder & CEO

Ryanne Laurence

Assistant Director of Revenue Cycle Operation
Oregon Health and Sciences University

Who Can Benefit

  • Patient Access and Revenue Cycle
  • Management VPs, Directors, Managers
  • Information Technology VPs and Directors
  • Finance VPs and Directors

What You’ll Learn

  • How to assess and prioritize an approach to speeding, simplifying, and reducing the cost of today’s manual prior authorization workflows
  • The benefits of automating prior authorization management for physicians and staff
  • Examining why all automation is not created equally