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Referral Management

Navigating the Referral Maze

In today’s healthcare landscape, patient referrals remain trapped in the cumbersome world of manual processes—faxes, phone calls, and emails. The reliance on paperwork, particularly faxed requests for referrals, means unnecessary delays, which disrupts both scheduling and patient access to often crucial services. The exchange of clinical and insurance information, combined with the lack of interoperability in provider EHRs, means that at the end of the day, your staff needs to jump in to manually submit and process referrals. This outdated approach consumes valuable time and contributes to backlogs and inefficiencies.

It's time to let go of the status quo.

Automating Referral Management for Seamless Healthcare

Valer’s referral management solution significantly reduces delays and backlogs, changing how your organization tackles referral workflows. Our primary care provider clients are seeing a remarkable increase in staff capacity, nearly doubling their referral processing capabilities. Valer eliminates the frustrations associated with manual tracking and provides real-time visibility into referral statuses, empowering healthcare teams to pinpoint a patient’s position in the referral journey.

Better Coordination and Reduced Delays for Patient Care

Once you fully automate, you’ll soon experience insights never seen before. Valer’s platform offers rich, granular data on referral statuses, throughput, bottlenecks, and staff productivity. This invaluable information equips healthcare providers with the tools to enhance and optimize their referral processes. The platform brings organization-wide visibility, improving coordination and reducing the likelihood of frustrating delays or errors.

And patients love it too. With seamless integration with SMS text-based services, Valer ensures patients are informed in real-time about the status of their referrals, creating a transparent and patient-centric healthcare experience where it’s needed most. Valer has successfully slashed referral processing backlogs with clients, including some Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) where patients received a referral to a specialist in under 48 hours vs. a previous 2-3 week wait. That makes a massive difference in health outcomes. 

Ready to leave manual referrals behind?

See first-hand how Valer can streamline your referral processes, enhance coordination, and provide real-time insights.