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Prior Authorization Automation

prior authorization
The First Problem:

The Manual Body Shop

Does this sound familiar?

Burn out. Frustration. Boredom. Cost.

For many healthcare staff tasked with prior auth, this problem results from spending every day copying and pasting information from your EHR to 15 different payer websites multiple times – each one slightly different. The need for web portals and faxing increases the stress, not to mention payer rule changes that can change from week to week. Add to that the need to constantly check back to copy and paste approval or status updates back into the EHR.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Second Problem:

Automation That Doesn’t Automate

Technology that promises automation doesn’t necessarily do so.

AI-driven automation is often just that, “artificial” intelligence, meaning incorrect information. Bot-driven solutions don’t actually eliminate all the repetitive, unnecessary manual work. They purely scrape payer websites to determine if prior authorization is required, and that’s if they can get past website multi-factor authentication.

Your staff is still left with the same manual workflow to submit, check status, verify, and synchronize with your EHR. Worse, bots can tell you if authorization is required only if payer rules don’t change, which of course they do. There is no time savings or staff productivity improvement in that.

The Solution to Both:

Automation That Replaces Manual Workflow

Our approach to automation actually speeds and simplifies your staff workflow, improves productivity, reduces cost, and increases revenue. Valer eliminates the repetitive, error-prone, unnecessary tasks of your manual workflow. Plus, it provides real-time reporting with visibility over your entire workflow continuum to enable you to continuously optimize your staff’s productivity.

Valer removes processing prior authorizations through individual payer fax and web portals and replaces them with a single portal. Within Valer’s single portal you’ll find each payer’s web and fax forms pre-populated with patient and insurance information automatically uploaded from your EHR.

After Valer verifies the correct information, it will:

automatically submit prior authorizations

continuously check status of each authorization automatically

verify payer decisions

automatically download to your EHR decisions with proof of authorization

Valer has proven to save our clients up to 75% of the time that they would otherwise use processing prior authorizations manually.

Don’t settle for costly, manual, repetitive, error-prone workflow, or technology that doesn’t automate your workflow at all. Use Valer’s prior authorization solution to reduce staff time, cost, and avoidable denials.